Friday, June 25, 2010

Update On My Dad

My dad had a follow-up appointment with the oncologist yesterday to get the results of the PETscan he had done this past Monday. Here is what he learned:

1- The tumor is localized and has not spread to any other part of his body.☺
2- The tumor is very big and the surgeon wants him to have radiation to try and shrink the tumor before surgery.  (My dad saw the Radiologist this morning and treatments will start sometime next week.  He will have radiation treatments 5 days a week for 5 weeks before he can have the surgery.)  I am truly hoping the radiation will start shrinking the tumor because I know it will relieve the pain and discomfort my dad is having now.
3- This type of cancer does NOT get in the bloodstream.☺

4- Once treated, this type of cancer will not come back. ☺

5- He will need to see a cardiologist to make sure his heart is strong enough for surgery.

6- Radiation treatments will most likely continue after surgery (even though he will receive treatments before).

7- He also needs to see a pulmonary specialist because a spot is showing on his lung. My dad had surgery over 30 years ago and a spot on the lung was found but it was only a spot that the surgeon felt was there from the embryo stage. We are hoping this is the same spot they are seeing now.

Thank you for all the thoughts and prayers in his behalf and for our family. We are still very concerned but so thankful the cancer has not spread. I do not know when I will be going to AZ since we don't know yet when he will have guess would be sometime in August but I will keep you posted.

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