Sunday, January 31, 2010

Another Sunday Almost Gone

I didn't do much walking today so it 's a good thing I have leftover minutes from this past week. I went with Kimberly to a friend's baby shower that seemed to last forever although it was a nice shower.
Josh is making tacos for dinner and the house really smells good!!!
We're counting down by hours now for Colton to arrive. I guess we can only count the hours til we're at the hospital. We'll have to start a whole new count system once Kimberly actually goes into labor! Very excited!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

I Made it Through Another Week

I am happy to write that I completed all the challenges for this week. Kimberly and I both got in some good walking today. We had a poached egg on toast for breakfast with 2 sausage links and a sliced orange. A healthy breakfast, cardio, writing it down, reading something inspirational!! Yes!
Even though I am here in CO for a great reason, I miss Bob alot! Before I know it, Colton will be here, then all of a sudden he will be 3 weeks old and I'll be on my way back to San Diego! I know time will fly!!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Here In Colorado

Well the day has finally come when I arrived in Colorado to be with Kimberly and Josh. I'm so excited for Colton's birth next week....we're looking forward to it so much. His room looks even cuter than in the pictures Kimberly had blogged about.
At the airport this morning I had an hour before boarding the plane, so I got in a little walking around the airport. I told Kimberly we needed to walk tomorrow so she could try to get Colton going....which reminds me....he is so active. I've watched Kimberly's stomach move and felt him going crazy in there!
I plan on keeping up with the challenges while I am here!!! As a side note, Bob had a meeting today and yes, he does have a job but it may not start for up to 30 days! The good news is we know there is a job, the bad news of course is the wait for income again.
Good luck to everyone who is doing this challenge!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Have I Caught the Bug or What???

Yesterday afternoon (after walking 33 minutes yesterday morning), I got the "energy" to want to walk again. After just a few seconds of coaxing, I got Bob on board and we walked another 30 minutes. We walked the trail twice yesterday!! By last night my upper back was so tight and my legs were rebelling also. It was nothing that 4 Ibuprofen didn't take care of though. This morning Bob was feeling it but we still walked this afternoon....just not on the trail!
I did my measurements this morning and I am happy to post on my blog, that I did in fact lose some inches. For those who are interested I am listing my success. For those who are not interested, skip to the next paragraph now.
Waist - I have lost 2 1/4"
Thigh- I have lost 1 1/4"
Hips - I have lost 1 1/2"
Bust- I have lost 1/2" (but honestly that is where I would want to lose the least!)
Upper Arm- I have lost 1 1/4".
I only measured 1 thigh and 1 arm so if I double what I lost in those 2 areas, I have lost a total of 9 1/4".
On a completely different subject....I am leaving tomorrow for CO to be with Kimberly when Colton is born; and of course I am staying a while to get to know Colton! I have spent today and last night fixing meals, snacks, etc, for Bob while I am gone. I think he should be pretty stocked on food for the most part. We will definitely miss each other but this is for a good cause. I will do what I can to stick to this 10 week challenge while I am away!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What Is A Day Worth??

I have been thinking about this challenge and the goals that not only were "assigned" to us, but also those individual goals we each made and hoped to accomplish. I realized that my goals so far have been about me and no one else. In reading inspirational quotes, poems and stories I came across the following by John Kendrick Bangs and it made me realize I need to do more for others. Whether it is some form of service or doing something kind for someone, I need to work on that.
"The time of day I do not tell, as some do, by the clock; Or by the distant chiming bells set on some steeple rock; But by the progress that I see in what I have to do. It's either Done O'clock for me, or only Half Past Through."
I know this poem is basically stating we should be able to know what we have to do each day and how much time we spend doing those things. In all honesty, if we do a full day's work whether it is at home or away, we really should be able to know the approximate time. To be able to do one kind deed for another person once each day should be easy and so rewarding. I know when I do a simple thing like hold open a door at the bank or store, someone appreciates that. When I have taken a shopping cart and put it where it should go, from someone who looks like they could use the help, I know they appreciate it also. Doing these simple things always seem to make me smile on the inside and puts a little extra bounce in my step. I like that feeling and I will definitely look for more opportunities to do these little acts of kindness for others. This reminds me of the "Friends" episode when Phoebe wanted to do nice things but because each act of "niceness" made her feel better, she thought she was being selfish. I totally get that! But, "do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Peanut Butter on Toast??

I think it would be a pretty healthy, hearty breakfast. A slice of Oat & Grain toast with peanut butter and 6oz 2% milk. That was my breakfast and it filled me up. After breakfast, we walked 33 minutes (the trail) but added a little extra area. I know we're walking faster than when I first started this challenge and it feels good! We wanted to walk early because we have another storm heading our way. (According to John Coleman our channel 9 weatherman and the founder of The Weather Channel) it should hit our area approximately 2:45pm and continue through tomorrow morning. He even put himself out there and said it would be great weather after this storm and not to expect rain again until Feb. 10th! He is hysterical to watch!
I will be taking my measurements again on Thursday the 28th. My clothes feel different on me so I am hoping it actually shows in loss of inches. Once again, I'll keep you posted!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Something's Gotta Give

I classify the 2 scrambled eggs, 2 slices of bacon, a slice of Oat & Grain toast and 6oz of orange juice I had for breakfast pretty healthy. We walked 32 minutes today and I have read something inspirational.
What needs to give is this funk we're in with no job yet. Yes, I know I blogged that Bob was offered a job but he hasn't started working yet. He is waiting on a phone call that will hopefully wrap up loose ends so he can get started. I know he is frustrated and disappointed and I am too, but continue trying to think positive. He was supposed to receive the phone call this morning and it hasn't happened. I honestly believe something will happen and things will be ok but it is disheartening especially to see how it affects Bob. If you have remembered us in your prayers, please keep it up. If you haven't yet, please add us. I'll keep you posted!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Beginning of Week 4

Well today is the first day of week 4! The challenge for this week is to eat a healthy breakfast. I'm thinking this should be an easy one. I have been more conscientious of what I am eating and how much I eat so I will hopefully do well with this.
This morning before getting ready for church, Bob and I walked the trail and got my 30 minutes of cardio in. (Yes, I took a shower before changing into church clothes.)
I have enjoyed doing the last 3 weeks of challenges and hopefully will continue on a positive note. I am leaving on Friday (29th) for Colorado to be with my daughter Kimberly when she has her first baby. So excited! I will do all I can to stay focused on the 10 week challenge. I'm thinking I will be able to lay our newest little grandson down long enough to get my cardio time in. :o) I am certainly looking forward to the end result of this 10 week challenge and I really believe I will obtain all the goals I have been setting!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

End Of Week 3

Here we are fellow challenge followers; the last day of the 3rd week! Can you believe it??
My inspirational quote today is by George S. Patton:
"Accept challenges, so that you may feel the exhilaration of victory."
I love this 10 week challenge. I have learned a great deal about myself and what I am capable of. I am happy to say that as of 3 days ago, I have lost exactly 5 pounds! That means I am halfway to my goal. I am hoping to lose more than 10 but I didn't want to set myself up to fail.
I hope all of you are enjoying this challenge as much as I am!!! Thanks again, Kelli!

Friday, January 22, 2010


Marcia Wieder said, "Commitment leads to action. Actions bring your dreams closer."
I love this quote. To me it is all about this challenge!!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Leave Something Good Behind

"This is the beginning of a new day. You have been given this day to use as you will. You can waste it or use it for good. What you do today is important because you are exchanging a day of your life for it. When tomorrow comes, this day will be gone forever; in its place is something that you have left behind...let it be something good."
I read this quote and absolutely loved it. I loved the part I highlighted basically stating I am exchanging a day of my life for this day. It is totally up to me what I want to do with my life on this specific day and each day from now on. In reading this it lets me know I will do what I can to make the most of each day. It is amazing to me that since starting this challenge, my way of thinking and doing things has changed so much. I honestly didn't believe I had so much that needed changing. I guess when I decided to be completely honest with myself, it was like an "extreme makeover" on the inside. I am liking what I am seeing and what I am doing so I know this challenge is working for me. We're almost to the end of week 3 and I am amazed at the posts and comments made by others on their own blogs and in response to mine. In the beginning I had hoped I could do this, then believed I could. Now I know I can.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Make a Difference

"You may be only someone in the world but to someone, you may be the world."
Through this challenge I hope I can become the type of person who makes a difference to at least one person.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Shoot For the Moon

Here it is just after midnight and once again I am still awake. Bob had me take a natural relaxer/sleep enhancer called "Melissa". The dose is 2 to 3 an hour before bedtime...yeah, that was just over two hours ago. My guess is a little stress is keeping me awake. My mind is constantly thinking when I try to sleep. I have tried so many "self-help" ideas from different so called "professionals". Nothing has helped. Even if I try to think of nothing at all, my brain starts thinking about not thinking of something. Many nights I go to bed at a normal time only to lay in bed awake for an hour or two. I have tried getting up after 15 or 20 minutes and I have also waited for what seems like forever. Even if I get up early, you would think I would sleep good that night but I still lay awake. Most nights I don't even want to go to bed because I know I'll just lay there! I am not eating or drinking anything (caffeine, etc.) that would keep me awake. Any ideas? Anyway, since I am awake, and it is now Day 3 of Week 3, I figured it was OK to go ahead and post for today.
Once again, I have two inspirational/motivational quotes to post. Both are favorites of mine and always have been.
The first one is by Mark Twain: "Dance like no one is watching. Sing like no one is listening. Love like you've never been hurt and live like it's heaven on earth."
The second quote is by Les Brown: "Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss you'll land among the stars."
I absolutely love these quotes. Be ourselves. Do what makes us happy. If we fail it means we at least tried and we can try again. That is what this challenge is all about for me. I have never attempted this type of challenge with pure dedication and conviction. I started this challenge so determined to make it work for me no matter how hard it was. The funny thing is, that I now look forward to each day of the challenge. Honestly (and maybe this is because of Angie's blog), I may actually be jogging before the end of this 10 weeks! I love the walking we have been doing and there are times during the walk that I honestly feel like I want to jog but I have held back. I want to try Angie's routine of the jog/walk combination. (If you haven't checked out Angie's blog, you need to. It motivates me!) Kelli, I know I have said it before, but thank you so much for putting this challenge out there for us! I honestly can't wait for the next one!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Rain, Rain, Wonderful Rain!

I chose two inspirational quotes for today. I read many great quotes and short stories throughout the day, but I felt these two really went along with our challenge.
The question should be, is it worth trying to do, not can it be done---Allard Lowenstein
The best motivation comes from within---Michael Johnson
I am glad I have quite a few cardio minutes built up because today, although I kept pretty busy inside the house, I didn't do much that got my heart pumping more....only a few minutes of cardio. I may try to do some more before going to bed. )It has been raining pretty much all day and when I say rain, let's just say at times it was downright pouring!) I'm not complaining....we need the rain! Just after midnight I jogged around our computer room for 3 minutes. That's what I did when I couldn't sleep. That, and played Farkle!!
I have written down what I have eaten today.
2 Multi-grain waffles with minimal syrup and margarine
8 oz 2% milk
1 tostado (corn tortilla, thin layer of refried beans, lettuce, cheese & salsa)
8oz caffeine free diet coke
10 baby carrots w/approx. 1 teaspoon Ranch dressing
2 slices thin & crispy crust pepperoni pizza
salad with Ranch dressing
8oz hot chocolate
32oz water and counting
I hope everyone on this challenge is enjoying it as much as I am. I have lost 3 pounds so far.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Expect A Miracle

One afternoon in 1989 I was driving home from work and an old pick up was moving slowly in front of me. I wasn't far from the house so I followed behind for a little while. On the bumper of this old pick up was a sticker that read, "Expect a Miracle." This hit me hard and my eyes watered. I was not happy at home, I didn't know what I wanted to do but I did know my marriage was not healthy. When I passed the pick up, I looked over and an elderly, very "worn but gentle looking" man looked back at me and gave me a little nod. At that moment I realized I could change my own destiny by the way I thought and how I believed in things. That little message gave me the courage I needed to move on with my life and start what I felt would be a better life for me and my children. To this day, I have always remembered that bumper sticker and I know without a doubt that this sweet, old man and his pick up were there at that moment just for me.
The challenge for this 3rd week is to read something inspirational each day. In thinking about that, I remembered the bumper sticker and wanted to see what I could find on the subject of "Expect a Miracle." I found a story online and I hesitated in putting it on my Blog, but there may be someone else who needs this. I think with this 10 week challenge, we all are working on being more positive and we are expecting good things to happen because of our choices. If you enjoy the story, do as it says at the end and "Pay it forward."
[A long time ago a shopkeeper was opening a package of merchandise from England. He always admired the efficient way the British pack things as it was done with meticulous care. When he opened it, there was a card on top. It said, "Expect a Miracle". He almost threw in in the trash and thought, "What does that mean? How did that get there?" but stuffed it into his shirt pocket. That night he was emptying his pockets and showed it to his wife. "Look at this, 'Expect a Miracle'. What is that supposed to mean"? "Maybe that is what we need", she said. "Our problems seem so overwhelming. I wonder what would happen if we started expecting great things instead of always expecting the worst? Could miracles take place?"
They decided to try it for a few days starting with small problems. "Maybe we will get some new ideas. Maybe there is a solution. Anyway, what do you say? Let's expect a miracle, really expect it for a few days and see what happens."
Then something changed for them. They began believing that not only could their problems be solved but they would be solved and more importantly, the solution was even then being worked out. Miracles, little miracles, started happening. Strange coincidences began developing. All kinds of experiences began coming one after another. The couple became different; Hopeful, optimistic. The little problems began giving way and the big ones became less formidable.
When anyone starts expecting a miracle they become so conditioned that they begin actually making miracles happen. They get on the miracle wavelength. Abilities become positively focused rather than negatively. Creative forces are released in the mind. The flow away tendency is reversed and life now flows toward them. The negative expectations that drove away the good are replaced by positive expectations. With a clear goal that is a sharply focused objective and embraces good not only for you but all of those around you, what you want to do, what you want to be and where you want to go one activates the law of successful achievement.
The law of attraction is activated positively and instead of sending out negative thoughts and activating the world around us negatively, the positive thinker with clear goals for good will activate the world around him positively. He works and keeps on working. He thinks and keeps on thinking. He believes and keeps on believing. He never lets up, never gives in. He gives the effort the full treatment of positive faith and action. Result? He can because he thinks he can. His dreams come true....he attains his goals.....miracles happen!
Miracles come in all sizes: big ones, medium-sized ones, and small one. Start believing in small ones and work your way up to big ones. Think and believe and work and treat people right and give it all you've got and you will find yourself doing the most amazingly constructive things in this life.
Maybe there is someone you know that could use this story too. If you would like, pay it forward as I am doing now to you." --Pat Hicks ]
I loved this story. I saw on a show once when someone was temporary blind then got their sight back. The person made the comment to the doctor that it was "like a minor miracle." The doctor told her she should never use the word minor and miracle in the same sentence because no miracle is minor. In the story I printed here it mentions about miracles in all sizes. I disagree with that because I too believe all miracles are huge to whoever it is that is affected by it. I hope I haven't bored you with the story or my comments. I do believe that if we think positively, positive things will happen. It's what we are striving for in this challenge for ourselves and I know without a doubt, if we keep that positive energy and attitude, we will all be winners in reaching our goals.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

I think My Muscles Hate Me Right Now

Today is the last day of the 2nd week! I completed everything! For this week we needed to accomplish 210 minutes of cardio. I am happy to write I accomplished 319 and oh do I feel it tonight! Even though I will be doing weeks 1 and 2 along with week 3's challenge, week 3 in itself will be so easy.....and not physical! Week 3: Read something inspirational! Yes!
My neighbor and I had our garage sale today and I am pleased to announce it was a success. I am so grateful to all the people that came and bought! Once the sale was over, I completely cleaned and reorganized our smaller garage which we use for storage. It looks amazing again and everything is in it's place. The best news is that we have our dining table back and we can eat "consciously" once again. Bob may not want to start that tomorrow since there are some good football games on!
Just in these past 2 weeks of eating pretty healthy and getting in the cardio time, I can really feel my stamina increasing. I have already asked Bob if he would walk with me early in the morning so we can get that in before the rain starts. Even though most of my muscles hurt right now, my body will thank me later!
Thanks to everyone who has posted comments on this Blog, sent personal messages to me on Facebook and emailed encouragement. I truly appreciate your support!!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Uphill We Go!!

Uphill we go and I mean that in a good way! This morning I had such a bad headache and stayed in bed until 10:45, all the time thinking I wanted to walk!! Once I had the 4 Ibuprofen in me and put an ice pack under my neck I got it under control. I wanted to walk the same path we went on yesterday but I decided we would start at the opposite end. This meant more incline gradually than a couple of big inclines together. Wow! I felt it! The good thing is, coming off the path was all downhill. I was actually ready though to walk the trail back to the opposite end again, which we didn't. We walked a total of 30 minutes exactly! It just happened that way. We will be walking about 1/2 mile tonight as I put up arrows showing the way to our 2 family garage sale tomorrow.
I need to concentrate on positive things. A couple of days ago we got our gas/electric bill and it was 153.00! That was 75.00 more than last month. We haven't been using our gas heater much because we have been trying to conserve our money. Well, what we didn't know is using our tower heater cost us about 50 cents an hour. Voila! That's where we messed up. I won't be using that heater much now! Bob said to stick it in the garage sale but I'm not. Today we got our water bill which was 158.00 which was 57.00 more than last month. That threw us until we realized it was for 45 days instead of 30. Still, a big shock. Then, last but not least...Bob talked to the mortgage company today and we need to make a full payment for January by February 8th, and a full February payment by February 15th. Seriously! They know we've been living on unemployment checks and Bob hasn't started the job yet so we need to d0 some serious thinking to figure this out. I'm not looking for sympathy.....I'm just trying to keep it all from bottling up inside. I told you in the beginning I was going to be honest on this Blog! Keep us in your prayers at least for a little while longer!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Seriously....A Glazed Donut Sounds Good!

So here we are on Day 5 of the 2nd week and I am happy to say I have done quite well with the challenges/goals. I remembered to take my measurements and let's just say they are numbers I am not at all happy with; but there is no one to blame but myself. I got myself to those numbers and I will work at it and watch those numbers get smaller!!
Bob and I walked today. We found this trail on the hill behind our subdivision and let's just say I'm glad the posted rattlesnake warning signs did not cause us to go another direction. It was an amazing walk. The view from the top of trail (which is not the top of the hill) was beautiful! We will definitely be walking that much more often. It took us just over 30 minutes to walk it and having those inclines here and there certainly got my heart pumping a little more. I am thinking I will feel it a little in my legs tomorrow but hoping to walk the same area no matter what!
I was going to post what I have eaten today, but decided people don't care about reading that. However, I was still very good today and I am realizing I don't have to have a lot of the "sweet stuff" to survive. (At this point though I will admit if there was a glazed donut in the house, I would definitely eat it!) Glazed donuts are the one thing that I absolutely love which is why they are not in our house! I have 61 minutes to go to meet the 210 minute challenge and I will accomplish it. I am worried about the weather forecast for next week though....rain starting Sunday night with a break on Monday then rain through the week......we're expecting between 4 and 10 inches of rain! We need it so badly, so I will figure out how to get in the cardio. Walking just beats working out inside.
A very positive note to end with though is that Bob has been offered a job! We are so excited about the opportunity. As I learn more about the job I will post it, but for now we are truly grateful that we have been blessed so much especially over the past 9 months! Thanks for all the prayers in our behalf!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Slow & Steady Wins the Race

Slow & steady wins the race. That is what I keep telling myself these days. I have not lost any more weight than the 1 pound I already posted about. That being said, I haven't gained any either. What I have noticed (and I don't think it is all in my head), is this reshaping thing going on. I kick myself for not taking measurements before I started this challenge, but tonight I will do that. For me it has always been about how clothes fit more so than what the scale shows. I watched Dr. Oz yesterday for 2 reasons. First, Paul McKenna was on. He is the man who teaches everyone how to eat....fork down between bites, etc. Second, Dr. Oz was talking about fat and our organs. He performed a quadruple bypass on a man recently and some of the film from that was shown on yesterday's program. I was totally shocked as Dr. Oz was pointing out the fat around this man's heart and how the heart couldn't beat to full capacity. There were 3 obese members of one family on the show, and Dr. Oz told one of the women, "You are concerned about the fat on your thighs. I am concerned about the fat on your heart." After hearing him say that and seeing the video of the heart pumping well below it's capacity, it really made me stop and think about my health habits. I am so glad I started this challenge almost 2 weeks ago. I know I am that much better off than I was when I started. If anyone needs another jump start to this challenge, see if you can find exerpts from Dr. Oz's show from January 12th. I just think about my heart and how much harder it has to work when I am not doing what I can to ease up it's job. I don't like the idea of dying and if I can give my heart a few thousand extra beats, I'll do what I can to get that.
I have written down what I have eaten so far today but will post it tonight. As far as's rainy and hopefully when there is a good break, I'll go walk.
So, it's 9:45pm now and I went for a walk and part way through, the rain came back. I wanted to get in about 10 minutes more today but will have to make it up. My food/drink intake was:
1 c shredded wheat
6oz 2% milk
48oz water
egg salad sandwich with lettuce on 1 slice oat & grain bread
8oz lemonade
5 Lays crisps
2 slices pepperoni pizza
salad w/Ranch dressing
1 apple
1 serving popcorn

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I'm Getting Into This Challenge!!

First I have to say when I went to WalMart I parked in the very first parking space as I pulled in to the parking lot. I counted 12 spaces I could have gone to, including the space closest to the entrance.
Today I walked 33 minutes! Over the last 3 days I have walked/cardio for 102 minutes.....the goal is 210 minutes by the end of the day Saturday the 16th. I will do that! I know I will!
The really cool thing about this is I'm not the only one getting in 30 minutes of cardio. Bob is doing it with me so I know it will have a positive effect on him as well. I also know that walking with someone sure beats walking alone!
A couple of years ago I started having a little problem with my left knee (the inner side of the knee cap.) I had x-rays and the doctor said there were signs of a little bit of arthritis starting. A year later, a different doctor told me to try wearing a knee brace to see if it would help. It did, so I wore the brace off and on when I needed it. I haven't worn the brace for a few months and the other night I was lying in bed thinking my knee hadn't hurt for awhile. That was until last night! My knee was really painful so today I used my brace when I walked and it feels so much better. I also thought I would be hurting from yesterday's walk since last night I could definitely feel sore muscles. The walk today was great! I kept up a good pace and it felt so good. I love this! I am hoping for the weeks I am in CO when Kimberly has her baby, that I can continue the walking (weather permitting) or do some other kind of workout while I am there. Kimberly said her neighbor has an elliptical machine so I told her the neighbor should take it over to Kimberly and Josh's so I can use it. :o) That would be great! (I mean if they don't use it.) I wrote down everything I ate/drank again today. It sure seems to help me watch what I am doing:
2 multi grain waffles easy on the margarine and syrup
Tuna sandwich on Oat & Grain bread
5 Lays "crisps"
12 oz caffeine free diet coke
1/2 navel orange
1 1/2 (leftover) homemade chicken noodle soup
4 saltine crackers
8 baby carrots
2 teaspoons Ranch dressing
16 oz 2% milk
Water (about 40 oz so far but am aiming for 64 oz before I go to bed)
This has been a good day!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Walking With a Purpose

I just wanted to post that Bob and I walked 36 minutes today. We walked a different area than usual so I wasn't sure how long it would take. I seemed to be asking him every 5 minutes how long we had been walking. When he told me 15 minutes and I knew we could turn around and head back to make it 30 minutes, I decided to keep walking a little farther to add on some time. It's a little warm out there today (and I may do more cardio later), but for now I will relax. I started writing down what I am eating/drinking today to give me more incentive and will add that in this evening.
Knowing I was going to post what I ate and drank today, it helped me to choose better. It doesn't look like I drank enough water today, but I'm not through drinking it for the night. Here is my list of food/drinks:
1 C Rice Krispies w/6oz 2% milk
1/2 cheese sandwich on oat & grain bread with lettuce and tomato
10 Lay's "Crisps"
1 1/2 C homemade chicken noodle soup
4 saltine crackers
1 1/2 navel oranges (yummy...sweet and soooo juicy)
12 oz 2% milk
12 oz lemonade
At least 48 oz water
All in all, I think I did ok today! With eating pretty good and a long walk, I am hoping I'll sleep better tonight than I did (didn't) last night!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

I'll Walk the Walk

So today at 4:00 on our way home from church, I asked Bob if he wanted to walk with me. (I had done 6 minutes of Dr. Oz's (4) 2 minute workouts earlier today.) Bob said he wanted to get home to finish watching the football game but I could make up the time tomorrow. On a different day in a different week I probably would have been ok with that. But, I knew right then that if I put off the walk until tomorrow, I would start seeing a pattern. I told him I was going to change clothes as soon as we got home and I was going to walk for 24 minutes! I walked "briskly" and I walked for 25 minutes! So proud of myself. I started feeling a little burn in the calves and it made me happy! So, of the 210 minutes for this week, I have done 31! Yay!

"Let's Get Physical!" (Our Week 2 Challenge)

The wrestler, Chris Adams said: "People say exercise is no walk in the park. When I hear that I think, yeah, that's the problem."
I cannot even begin to put in to words how much I look forward to each new challenge with such great anticipation and enthusiasm! Honestly! This has been so good for me and I can't thank Kelli enough for being so in tune with what so many of us need! What I needed was a motivator and a big boost! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
The challenge for Week 2 is to participate in some sort of cardio activity for a minimum of 210 minutes. Whether I walk, jog (not going to happen), do aerobics or some other form of exercise to get my heart pumping, it will surely make a difference in how I feel. I need to continue to do the challenges from week 1 and tack on week 2...whew! Can't wait to see what all I will be doing by week 10. I know by then I will be sad to see it coming to an end. (That is a hint Kelli, to start planning the next challenge for the second 10 weeks of 2010.)
We usually take our Shih Tzu for a walk which lasts about 15 minutes. From now on, we'll bring her home after her little jaunt, and we'll continue walking. Once Bob is back at work, I will either walk during the day or if it is light enough when he gets home, I'll walk with him. You know what??? I will plan on doing both. :o) As I am typing this I am getting so excited!!! I honestly have never been this anxious and excited for this type of challenge. I may also make myself accountable by stating on my blog right now that I will write down what I eat (starting Monday) for at least 2 or 3 days of the week. The day we had to write down what we ate and drank was so helpful. In a recent comment, it was pointed out that snacking can be eating healthy food such as carrots, apples, etc. I definitely know that. My problem is my willpower to choose the healthy snack over those 8 sour gummy worms that are left in the bag. I figure if I finish those off, they will not be a temptation any longer....and again, I justify eating them by thinking I can work it off. many of you have thought that way??? Please don't tell me I am the only one!! That being said, I will end this post with a quote from Mary Kay Ash: "A good goal is like a strenuos makes you stretch!" What a great challenge for this week! I love it!!

Saturday, January 9, 2010


My goal for this 7th day (and end of the first week of our 10 week challenge) is to write down how I will reward myself if I accomplish just one of my goals. I decided if I obtain my goals, it would mean I would lose "at least 10 pounds." If I do that, I want to get a new outfit consisting of a pair of jeans (or really cute Capri pants) and a cute top to go with it. (Of course I would only do this if we have a regular paycheck again.) Totally awesome reward! In a recent post, I mentioned procrastination. Maybe procrastination is the wrong word for what I am trying to say. I'll explain it as if I want to eat something I could live without, I will "justify" it by saying I will work it off later. To me that sounded like procrastination, but I guess it really is (false) justification! (This challenge is really enlightening me!!) As I was typing this post, I realized that HAD I been eating right all this week and staying active (one of my goals), most likely I could have lost a couple pounds! That is two pounds closer to my ten-week goal! See what I mean? I'll repeat that (mainly for myself)...HAD I BEEN GOOD THE PAST 6 DAYS I WOULD HAVE BEEN HAPPIER WITH MYSELF!! So badly I need to work on that self-control thing! I will say that this past week has been very fun working on this challenge. Writing down goals each day has been wonderful. Kelli mentioned that it is almost addicting and I completely agree with her. Now if I can just focus and bring that enthusiasm off the Blog and stick it in my brain, I would be doing great. I am so excited for the next 9 weeks. I KNOW without a doubt that I will succeed!!

Friday, January 8, 2010

A Hope For Accomplishment!

Today's challenge is to write down those things I hope to accomplish in this next 9 weeks of my challenge. Honestly I know the hardest goal for me to achieve over the next 9 weeks is losing at least 10 pounds. Some days I do so good in choosing what or how much I eat. I have learned I do not have a lot of will power! This is why I need feedback left on this blog for encouragement.
We went for a walk today so that was a start. I haven't snacked today so that is also a start. I hope for this 9 weeks that I will gain self control/will power. I need to not procrastinate on some things thinking I can do it later. I really don't procrastinate about much. However I do it when I want to eat something I should hold off on, thinking I'll work it off or skip a few snacks later. The problem is I JUSTIFY it. (Wow!!! I am being really honest here!) I know whatever choices I make, good or bad, consequences will follow. I would much rather have the good consequences! Seriously! Wouldn't all of us want that for ourselves?? I also want to be more active and I will make a conscientious attempt to do that. With all the goals I have posted over the last few days, I know if I do them, I will feel better about me! And THAT is the main goal I want to achieve!

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Today's challenge is to write down 3 fitness goals for 2010. I realize I am late in posting this but it isn't because I couldn't come up with any goals. I got to spend the day with my aunt and her sister and a friend playing MahJong! Totally awesome day!!
My fitness goals for this year are:
1. Try to walk at least 15 minutes each day.
2. Park farther away from the entrance of a store...(I try to do this most times if I am not in a hurry.)
3. Try to be more active throughout the day. Dr. OZ showed 4 exercises needed to lose weight and fat....only 4 and only 2 minutes each! I am hoping to incoraporate at least 1 of those a day and eventually do all 4 each day.
These are my goals. You notice I use the word "try". Again, I don't want to set myself up for failure so if I miss a day I won't be so hard on myself.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Today's challenge is to write down 5 things that make me truly happy. This was tougher than I thought it would be....not because I'm not happy, but because there are so many things! My list of 5 isn't necessarily in order:
1. My marriage to Bob and the love and fun we share with each other.
2. Having a family that will do whatever they can to make sure we're ok and demonstrate unconditional love.
3. Being with grandchildren.
4. Decorating a room and having it turn out even better than I had hoped.
5. The Gospel in my life.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What did I eat today???

Today's challenge was to WRITE DOWN ALL FOOD AND LIQUID INTAKE! This was a great challenge for me because it forced me to think about what I was eating and drinking ALL day. Kelli said she wanted to know exactly how much we drank .... (her words) "even if it is a swallow of water to take a pill." So, I started off the morning by using a 32 oz measuring cup and only drank water I poured from that...that way I could be sure of the exact amount. I realized by knowing that I had to write this on my "public blog" I was much more aware of what I ate today. It is just before 6pm and I know I will not eat anything else tonight. The only thing I will do is drink more water. Here is my list for today:

1 fried egg
1 piece toast (oat & bran) with 1/2 teas. margarine
2 slices bacon
6 oz (low acid) orange juice
2 KFC original recipe drumsticks
partial serving of their green beans
1 bisquit with honey only
12 oz diet pepsi
1 tuna sandwich (oat & bran bread), made with mayonaise, pickle relish, peppercinis and lettuce
10 Lays Stax "crisps" (I realized I really can't eat much more than 10 of these)
2 iced oatmeal cookies
64 oz water
1 piece Dentyne sugarless gum (while we walked 15 minutes!)

I know the water intake will increase tonight but I am done eating for the day. It really is true that if we write down what we eat and drink throughout the day, chances are we won't eat as much. I am totally full (and thanks to lots of water, I have visited the bathroom frequently today.) I had to come back and add this next little bit. I realize by writing everything down, my choices of what I ate would have most likely been different had I not written it. Which tells me I can survive by not snacking and eating more than I need to. Oh....I almost forgot. I have lost exactly 1 pound since Sunday!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Nutritional Goals

Today's challenge is to write down 3 nutritional goals for 2010. It is interesting that this is the goal because a couple days ago I was thinking I really should start reading food labels. With that being said, my 3 nutritional goals are:
1. Start reading the nutritional value on labels (without going overboard.)
2. Try to eat only the actual serving size suggested (or close to it...I don't want to set myself up for failure.)
3. To eat less junk food and eat more of what is good for me.
The second goal I listed will be interesting. Honestly, have you seen what a suggested serving is? I don't know when I have ever only eaten 1/2 cup of anything! A serving of Cheese Nips is 27 tiny crackers! Lays Stax = 13 "crisps." I haven't looked but is a candy bar really one serving or will I find out it is two? I love Del Monte's Fruit Naturals red grapefruit cups. I recently realized that one of those small containers is actually "2" servings! Seriously this is why I need to do this challenge and post it on a public Blog! I could eat 27 Cheese Nips and 13 Lays Stax "crisps", but it would be both foods in one sitting! Now I sound like I belong in Overeaters Annonymous. As I just wrote that last sentence it made me realize it is true what the experts say. "Food is used at times to replace an emotion we don't want to feel." I believe that! I also believe I eat when I am bored, stressed or just think I am hungry. Wow! I need this challenge! For a while, Bob and I followed the "put the fork down between bites" theory and you know what? It totally worked! Why did we quit? Apparently we got bored! When following this theory, you are supposed to eat at a table with no distractions (such as television), chew (a lot), and eat until you are full. That is our downfall. We watch television when we eat! We have talked about starting the "fork down theory" again, but we have procrastinated. It is quite possible this could be because our dining room table is in the garage full of garage sale items. It has been there for over a month now. The garage sale is January 16th!! Had we followed this theory for at least 3 weeks, I bet it would have been a good habit by now. I am adding a 4th goal to my at the table as soon as possible and put my fork down between bites! Give me your comments about how you are able to follow the recommended serving sizes! As you can tell by reading this post, I need help!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

3 Goals for 2010!

This week's challenge is to "write it down." For today's challenge I need to write down 3 goals I want to attain in 2010. Before I jot those on my blog I want to share a quote I heard this morning that pertains to me reaching the goals of this 10 week challenge.
"Failure is not falling down, but staying down." How appropriate for this challenge! I will not fail!
1. Be honest with myself
2. Feel better about myself
3. Lose at least 10 pounds in this first 10 weeks.
Those are my 3 goals. I have been down on myself for a few years now and I don't know why. I don't like that I have gained weight, that I am getting older (although I am so thankful to be alive), that I tend to put some things on the back burner as they say so I can deal with it later.
I have realized if I want to be the best I can be for everyone else, I need to start with me. I want to be my own best friend. If someone were to ask me if I met myself, would I choose to be friends with "me?" I want to say yes, and by doing that I need to work on those 3 goals! For me, all 3 goals work together. Can I justify gaining weight? Absolutely!!! I don't eat healthy all (most) of the time. I don't need that brownie or extra cookie....notice I said "extra" cookie?!? Someone recently said you can't die of starvation if you don't eat that brownie. You know what the brownie tastes like so it is only a matter of self discipline not to eat it. Self discipline! That could be a twin along with being honest with myself! If I eat better, I can lose weight and I will feel better about me! To do these things I have to be honest with me! Honestly, right now I can't bring myself to actually write what my weight is, although I know if I did, people watching to see if I could lose some pounds would truly motivate me. To me, writing down my weight is as bad as stepping on the Biggest Loser scale for all of America to see. Here I am in my spandex shorts and sports bra! I'm not ready for that and it's not going to happen! We have a Weight Watcher's scale that shows pounds and ounces. I will put down how many pounds (or ounces) I gain or lose each day. That should help me in making sensible choices. Ten weeks from now I want to look back at this blog and say I have made a huge accomplishment. They say in 3 weeks you can make or break a habit whether it is good or bad. If I work on these 3 goals for just 3 weeks, I shouldn't have to "work" on them anymore. By then it should be part of my everyday life so I will be able to look in the mirror and say hello to my new found friend and be happy with who I am!
Thank you for the comments that have been left. They truly are a motivation for me and it helps so much to know I have people pulling for me!!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

The 10 in 2010 Challenge

My daughter, Kelli has posted a challenge to anyone interested in joining. It is the
"10 in 2010" challenge; a 10 week challenge to a better you! Although everyone will be given the same tasks to complete, I am writing this in first person because I want to be as motivated as possible! If I think that even one person will read this, that is motivation enough! Each week during the 10 week "course" I am given none other than....a different challenge to accomplish. Each previous week's challenge will be added to the following week and by the 10th week of this "bettering myself", I will be doing tons to uplift me and make me better! Points will be awarded daily for each task accomplished. This is one of those things that will go far beyond a challenge and will become a quest for me. To explain that statement, you may need to know a little about what is going on in my life.
On May 1st of this year my husband (Bob) and I will be married 11 years. We moved from Highlands Ranch, CO to the San Diego area 5 years ago due to employment. April 24, 2009 Bob was laid off from his job. We are going into 9 months of unemployment and mainly over the last couple of months I have started looking at (not only our life) but my life differently. While putting up some Christmas decorations this past month, it hit me like a ton of bricks how simple Christmas really should be. The thought almost brought me to tears and the feeling was overwhelming but in such a sweet way. I realized there were things in my life that I wanted to change, I guess honestly to become more Christlike. I know I am not a bad person by any means, but I knew I wanted to be better.
Call it intuition or just perfect timing, but when Kelli mentioned this challenge it hit me hard. I had questions about the challenge, but I realized I literally spent hours during the day (and night) thinking about it. When I say I spent "hours", it really was.....although I was busy with other things, it was always on my mind; maybe that is a better way to describe it. I found myself becoming motivated by thinking about it. I certainly wasn't going to start a blog just to put down in words the experience I would have and was having now. Now here I am with my own blog putting into words my feelings about this and the challenge doesn't even start until tomorrow!! I honestly believe that with the changes I make in my life and how I look at things, I will be a positive influence to my husband and others around me. By being a positive influence to others, that will have to affect me in a great way! Just writing this is getting me more excited!
Thank you, thank you, Kelli for being so in tune with not only what you needed, but with what I needed!.....and so many others needed. We have all heard stories of how one person was affected by something (whether good or bad) and it carried on down the line and affected everyone in that family....which in turn had to affect those surrounding that family. That is what I hope for me! I hope I have such a positive affect on everyone I come in contact with. I know that this year, 2010, will be great year. I know Bob will find employment and financially we will be good again. I know I will be a better person. I know that this is the best challenge I have ever been given.
I hope people read my postings and leave comments. Those comments are going to motivate and inspire me to be the best I can be. Thanks in advance for those comments!