Sunday, January 10, 2010

I'll Walk the Walk

So today at 4:00 on our way home from church, I asked Bob if he wanted to walk with me. (I had done 6 minutes of Dr. Oz's (4) 2 minute workouts earlier today.) Bob said he wanted to get home to finish watching the football game but I could make up the time tomorrow. On a different day in a different week I probably would have been ok with that. But, I knew right then that if I put off the walk until tomorrow, I would start seeing a pattern. I told him I was going to change clothes as soon as we got home and I was going to walk for 24 minutes! I walked "briskly" and I walked for 25 minutes! So proud of myself. I started feeling a little burn in the calves and it made me happy! So, of the 210 minutes for this week, I have done 31! Yay!

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Ang said...

Awesome!!! You rock!!!!