Sunday, January 17, 2010

Expect A Miracle

One afternoon in 1989 I was driving home from work and an old pick up was moving slowly in front of me. I wasn't far from the house so I followed behind for a little while. On the bumper of this old pick up was a sticker that read, "Expect a Miracle." This hit me hard and my eyes watered. I was not happy at home, I didn't know what I wanted to do but I did know my marriage was not healthy. When I passed the pick up, I looked over and an elderly, very "worn but gentle looking" man looked back at me and gave me a little nod. At that moment I realized I could change my own destiny by the way I thought and how I believed in things. That little message gave me the courage I needed to move on with my life and start what I felt would be a better life for me and my children. To this day, I have always remembered that bumper sticker and I know without a doubt that this sweet, old man and his pick up were there at that moment just for me.
The challenge for this 3rd week is to read something inspirational each day. In thinking about that, I remembered the bumper sticker and wanted to see what I could find on the subject of "Expect a Miracle." I found a story online and I hesitated in putting it on my Blog, but there may be someone else who needs this. I think with this 10 week challenge, we all are working on being more positive and we are expecting good things to happen because of our choices. If you enjoy the story, do as it says at the end and "Pay it forward."
[A long time ago a shopkeeper was opening a package of merchandise from England. He always admired the efficient way the British pack things as it was done with meticulous care. When he opened it, there was a card on top. It said, "Expect a Miracle". He almost threw in in the trash and thought, "What does that mean? How did that get there?" but stuffed it into his shirt pocket. That night he was emptying his pockets and showed it to his wife. "Look at this, 'Expect a Miracle'. What is that supposed to mean"? "Maybe that is what we need", she said. "Our problems seem so overwhelming. I wonder what would happen if we started expecting great things instead of always expecting the worst? Could miracles take place?"
They decided to try it for a few days starting with small problems. "Maybe we will get some new ideas. Maybe there is a solution. Anyway, what do you say? Let's expect a miracle, really expect it for a few days and see what happens."
Then something changed for them. They began believing that not only could their problems be solved but they would be solved and more importantly, the solution was even then being worked out. Miracles, little miracles, started happening. Strange coincidences began developing. All kinds of experiences began coming one after another. The couple became different; Hopeful, optimistic. The little problems began giving way and the big ones became less formidable.
When anyone starts expecting a miracle they become so conditioned that they begin actually making miracles happen. They get on the miracle wavelength. Abilities become positively focused rather than negatively. Creative forces are released in the mind. The flow away tendency is reversed and life now flows toward them. The negative expectations that drove away the good are replaced by positive expectations. With a clear goal that is a sharply focused objective and embraces good not only for you but all of those around you, what you want to do, what you want to be and where you want to go one activates the law of successful achievement.
The law of attraction is activated positively and instead of sending out negative thoughts and activating the world around us negatively, the positive thinker with clear goals for good will activate the world around him positively. He works and keeps on working. He thinks and keeps on thinking. He believes and keeps on believing. He never lets up, never gives in. He gives the effort the full treatment of positive faith and action. Result? He can because he thinks he can. His dreams come true....he attains his goals.....miracles happen!
Miracles come in all sizes: big ones, medium-sized ones, and small one. Start believing in small ones and work your way up to big ones. Think and believe and work and treat people right and give it all you've got and you will find yourself doing the most amazingly constructive things in this life.
Maybe there is someone you know that could use this story too. If you would like, pay it forward as I am doing now to you." --Pat Hicks ]
I loved this story. I saw on a show once when someone was temporary blind then got their sight back. The person made the comment to the doctor that it was "like a minor miracle." The doctor told her she should never use the word minor and miracle in the same sentence because no miracle is minor. In the story I printed here it mentions about miracles in all sizes. I disagree with that because I too believe all miracles are huge to whoever it is that is affected by it. I hope I haven't bored you with the story or my comments. I do believe that if we think positively, positive things will happen. It's what we are striving for in this challenge for ourselves and I know without a doubt, if we keep that positive energy and attitude, we will all be winners in reaching our goals.


Ang said...

I LOVE your post!!! Positive thinking rocks and so do you!! So proud of all you've done the past 2 weeks!!!

Kimberly Giardino said...

That was a very good post!! I remember you telling me the story of when you were driving home!!!

Kelli said...

Of course positive things will happen if we think positive. When we think positive we have a positive attitude. When we have a positive attitude we see circumstances, situations and other events or things in our lives as a blessing or learning experience instead of a negative thing. We recognize the good over the bad and heck...that is a miracle in itself for some!