Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I'm Getting Into This Challenge!!

First I have to say when I went to WalMart I parked in the very first parking space as I pulled in to the parking lot. I counted 12 spaces I could have gone to, including the space closest to the entrance.
Today I walked 33 minutes! Over the last 3 days I have walked/cardio for 102 minutes.....the goal is 210 minutes by the end of the day Saturday the 16th. I will do that! I know I will!
The really cool thing about this is I'm not the only one getting in 30 minutes of cardio. Bob is doing it with me so I know it will have a positive effect on him as well. I also know that walking with someone sure beats walking alone!
A couple of years ago I started having a little problem with my left knee (the inner side of the knee cap.) I had x-rays and the doctor said there were signs of a little bit of arthritis starting. A year later, a different doctor told me to try wearing a knee brace to see if it would help. It did, so I wore the brace off and on when I needed it. I haven't worn the brace for a few months and the other night I was lying in bed thinking my knee hadn't hurt for awhile. That was until last night! My knee was really painful so today I used my brace when I walked and it feels so much better. I also thought I would be hurting from yesterday's walk since last night I could definitely feel sore muscles. The walk today was great! I kept up a good pace and it felt so good. I love this! I am hoping for the weeks I am in CO when Kimberly has her baby, that I can continue the walking (weather permitting) or do some other kind of workout while I am there. Kimberly said her neighbor has an elliptical machine so I told her the neighbor should take it over to Kimberly and Josh's so I can use it. :o) That would be great! (I mean if they don't use it.) I wrote down everything I ate/drank again today. It sure seems to help me watch what I am doing:
2 multi grain waffles easy on the margarine and syrup
Tuna sandwich on Oat & Grain bread
5 Lays "crisps"
12 oz caffeine free diet coke
1/2 navel orange
1 1/2 (leftover) homemade chicken noodle soup
4 saltine crackers
8 baby carrots
2 teaspoons Ranch dressing
16 oz 2% milk
Water (about 40 oz so far but am aiming for 64 oz before I go to bed)
This has been a good day!


Brenda said...

What can I say besides, WOW! You are doing SO great! Keep up the great work!!!

Kelli said...

Yay for great days!