Saturday, January 9, 2010


My goal for this 7th day (and end of the first week of our 10 week challenge) is to write down how I will reward myself if I accomplish just one of my goals. I decided if I obtain my goals, it would mean I would lose "at least 10 pounds." If I do that, I want to get a new outfit consisting of a pair of jeans (or really cute Capri pants) and a cute top to go with it. (Of course I would only do this if we have a regular paycheck again.) Totally awesome reward! In a recent post, I mentioned procrastination. Maybe procrastination is the wrong word for what I am trying to say. I'll explain it as if I want to eat something I could live without, I will "justify" it by saying I will work it off later. To me that sounded like procrastination, but I guess it really is (false) justification! (This challenge is really enlightening me!!) As I was typing this post, I realized that HAD I been eating right all this week and staying active (one of my goals), most likely I could have lost a couple pounds! That is two pounds closer to my ten-week goal! See what I mean? I'll repeat that (mainly for myself)...HAD I BEEN GOOD THE PAST 6 DAYS I WOULD HAVE BEEN HAPPIER WITH MYSELF!! So badly I need to work on that self-control thing! I will say that this past week has been very fun working on this challenge. Writing down goals each day has been wonderful. Kelli mentioned that it is almost addicting and I completely agree with her. Now if I can just focus and bring that enthusiasm off the Blog and stick it in my brain, I would be doing great. I am so excited for the next 9 weeks. I KNOW without a doubt that I will succeed!!

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Ang said...

You are doing awesome!! Truth and honesty is what you need to start any self improvement project!! And you've got them both!!! A suggestion to help you with your healthier eating is find something you can reward yourself with daily and don't let it be food :) your reward at the end is great but as humans in this day and age we need incentives to keep us going! Everyday you eat to nourish yourself should be rewarded because you deserve it! I love reading your blog and your public honesty!! It's almost freeing, isn't it?