Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What did I eat today???

Today's challenge was to WRITE DOWN ALL FOOD AND LIQUID INTAKE! This was a great challenge for me because it forced me to think about what I was eating and drinking ALL day. Kelli said she wanted to know exactly how much we drank .... (her words) "even if it is a swallow of water to take a pill." So, I started off the morning by using a 32 oz measuring cup and only drank water I poured from that...that way I could be sure of the exact amount. I realized by knowing that I had to write this on my "public blog" I was much more aware of what I ate today. It is just before 6pm and I know I will not eat anything else tonight. The only thing I will do is drink more water. Here is my list for today:

1 fried egg
1 piece toast (oat & bran) with 1/2 teas. margarine
2 slices bacon
6 oz (low acid) orange juice
2 KFC original recipe drumsticks
partial serving of their green beans
1 bisquit with honey only
12 oz diet pepsi
1 tuna sandwich (oat & bran bread), made with mayonaise, pickle relish, peppercinis and lettuce
10 Lays Stax "crisps" (I realized I really can't eat much more than 10 of these)
2 iced oatmeal cookies
64 oz water
1 piece Dentyne sugarless gum (while we walked 15 minutes!)

I know the water intake will increase tonight but I am done eating for the day. It really is true that if we write down what we eat and drink throughout the day, chances are we won't eat as much. I am totally full (and thanks to lots of water, I have visited the bathroom frequently today.) I had to come back and add this next little bit. I realize by writing everything down, my choices of what I ate would have most likely been different had I not written it. Which tells me I can survive by not snacking and eating more than I need to. Oh....I almost forgot. I have lost exactly 1 pound since Sunday!


Kimberly Giardino said...

Not me!! I guess I did not care that I had to write it down since I admitted having ice cream at lunch and around dinner!! Plus 5 mini candy bars!!!

Ang said...

Congrats!! You did awesome!!!!

Diaweyr said...

Hmm... hate having to write it down, but you're right -- that conscientiousness leads to eating consciously. And most of the time, I eat unconsciously. I have never done this successfully when a doctor asks for it in order to see how I truly eat, because just knowing that I have to write it down affects what I eat.

Brenda said...

GREAT Job! Way to go on the lost pound that is fantastic! You go girl!