Friday, January 29, 2010

Here In Colorado

Well the day has finally come when I arrived in Colorado to be with Kimberly and Josh. I'm so excited for Colton's birth next week....we're looking forward to it so much. His room looks even cuter than in the pictures Kimberly had blogged about.
At the airport this morning I had an hour before boarding the plane, so I got in a little walking around the airport. I told Kimberly we needed to walk tomorrow so she could try to get Colton going....which reminds me....he is so active. I've watched Kimberly's stomach move and felt him going crazy in there!
I plan on keeping up with the challenges while I am here!!! As a side note, Bob had a meeting today and yes, he does have a job but it may not start for up to 30 days! The good news is we know there is a job, the bad news of course is the wait for income again.
Good luck to everyone who is doing this challenge!

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Brenda said...

Look at you go. Even walking while you are waiting at the airport! You definitely have the bug! ;o)