Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Slow & Steady Wins the Race

Slow & steady wins the race. That is what I keep telling myself these days. I have not lost any more weight than the 1 pound I already posted about. That being said, I haven't gained any either. What I have noticed (and I don't think it is all in my head), is this reshaping thing going on. I kick myself for not taking measurements before I started this challenge, but tonight I will do that. For me it has always been about how clothes fit more so than what the scale shows. I watched Dr. Oz yesterday for 2 reasons. First, Paul McKenna was on. He is the man who teaches everyone how to eat....fork down between bites, etc. Second, Dr. Oz was talking about fat and our organs. He performed a quadruple bypass on a man recently and some of the film from that was shown on yesterday's program. I was totally shocked as Dr. Oz was pointing out the fat around this man's heart and how the heart couldn't beat to full capacity. There were 3 obese members of one family on the show, and Dr. Oz told one of the women, "You are concerned about the fat on your thighs. I am concerned about the fat on your heart." After hearing him say that and seeing the video of the heart pumping well below it's capacity, it really made me stop and think about my health habits. I am so glad I started this challenge almost 2 weeks ago. I know I am that much better off than I was when I started. If anyone needs another jump start to this challenge, see if you can find exerpts from Dr. Oz's show from January 12th. I just think about my heart and how much harder it has to work when I am not doing what I can to ease up it's job. I don't like the idea of dying and if I can give my heart a few thousand extra beats, I'll do what I can to get that.
I have written down what I have eaten so far today but will post it tonight. As far as's rainy and hopefully when there is a good break, I'll go walk.
So, it's 9:45pm now and I went for a walk and part way through, the rain came back. I wanted to get in about 10 minutes more today but will have to make it up. My food/drink intake was:
1 c shredded wheat
6oz 2% milk
48oz water
egg salad sandwich with lettuce on 1 slice oat & grain bread
8oz lemonade
5 Lays crisps
2 slices pepperoni pizza
salad w/Ranch dressing
1 apple
1 serving popcorn


Ang said...

I am so proud of you!!! You are doing phenomenal!!

Kelli said...

That's enough to scare me into eating right and working out! Although, I'm selfish in that I am STILL worried about the fat on my thighs. :) I'm just saying!

Kimberly Giardino said...

You are doing great!!!I think it is awesome that you have taken on this challenge!!! You are a super star!