Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What Is A Day Worth??

I have been thinking about this challenge and the goals that not only were "assigned" to us, but also those individual goals we each made and hoped to accomplish. I realized that my goals so far have been about me and no one else. In reading inspirational quotes, poems and stories I came across the following by John Kendrick Bangs and it made me realize I need to do more for others. Whether it is some form of service or doing something kind for someone, I need to work on that.
"The time of day I do not tell, as some do, by the clock; Or by the distant chiming bells set on some steeple rock; But by the progress that I see in what I have to do. It's either Done O'clock for me, or only Half Past Through."
I know this poem is basically stating we should be able to know what we have to do each day and how much time we spend doing those things. In all honesty, if we do a full day's work whether it is at home or away, we really should be able to know the approximate time. To be able to do one kind deed for another person once each day should be easy and so rewarding. I know when I do a simple thing like hold open a door at the bank or store, someone appreciates that. When I have taken a shopping cart and put it where it should go, from someone who looks like they could use the help, I know they appreciate it also. Doing these simple things always seem to make me smile on the inside and puts a little extra bounce in my step. I like that feeling and I will definitely look for more opportunities to do these little acts of kindness for others. This reminds me of the "Friends" episode when Phoebe wanted to do nice things but because each act of "niceness" made her feel better, she thought she was being selfish. I totally get that! But, "do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

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Brenda said...

Random Acts of Kindness are GREAT! I try to do them as often as I see the opportunity presented.