Friday, January 8, 2010

A Hope For Accomplishment!

Today's challenge is to write down those things I hope to accomplish in this next 9 weeks of my challenge. Honestly I know the hardest goal for me to achieve over the next 9 weeks is losing at least 10 pounds. Some days I do so good in choosing what or how much I eat. I have learned I do not have a lot of will power! This is why I need feedback left on this blog for encouragement.
We went for a walk today so that was a start. I haven't snacked today so that is also a start. I hope for this 9 weeks that I will gain self control/will power. I need to not procrastinate on some things thinking I can do it later. I really don't procrastinate about much. However I do it when I want to eat something I should hold off on, thinking I'll work it off or skip a few snacks later. The problem is I JUSTIFY it. (Wow!!! I am being really honest here!) I know whatever choices I make, good or bad, consequences will follow. I would much rather have the good consequences! Seriously! Wouldn't all of us want that for ourselves?? I also want to be more active and I will make a conscientious attempt to do that. With all the goals I have posted over the last few days, I know if I do them, I will feel better about me! And THAT is the main goal I want to achieve!


Kelli said...

Yep, its all about becoming your best-self!

Brenda said...

What I have learned, about procrastinating, is that you can do ANYTHING for 15 minutes. Instead of putting something off til later, take 15 minutes and ONLY 15 minutes and see how much of the task you can get done...boy will you be surprised! ;o) I think I can, I think I can....I KNOW I can!!!

The Brereton Family said...

Why is snacking getting such a bad rap here? doesn't it depend on"What" you are putting in your mouth?
You can snack all you want on carrot sticks and celery and any other vegetables, and for that matter most fruits. Starvation or should I say deprivation will surely bring justification later.
You can do this! I have seen the kind of determination that you have when you are really serious about something.
Hang in there!