Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Peanut Butter on Toast??

I think it would be a pretty healthy, hearty breakfast. A slice of Oat & Grain toast with peanut butter and 6oz 2% milk. That was my breakfast and it filled me up. After breakfast, we walked 33 minutes (the trail) but added a little extra area. I know we're walking faster than when I first started this challenge and it feels good! We wanted to walk early because we have another storm heading our way. (According to John Coleman our channel 9 weatherman and the founder of The Weather Channel) it should hit our area approximately 2:45pm and continue through tomorrow morning. He even put himself out there and said it would be great weather after this storm and not to expect rain again until Feb. 10th! He is hysterical to watch!
I will be taking my measurements again on Thursday the 28th. My clothes feel different on me so I am hoping it actually shows in loss of inches. Once again, I'll keep you posted!

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Brenda said...

WooHoo for your clothes feeling better! That is great! You are doing so GREAT! I only wish I was doing that good! Keep up the FANTASTIC work!