Monday, January 4, 2010

Nutritional Goals

Today's challenge is to write down 3 nutritional goals for 2010. It is interesting that this is the goal because a couple days ago I was thinking I really should start reading food labels. With that being said, my 3 nutritional goals are:
1. Start reading the nutritional value on labels (without going overboard.)
2. Try to eat only the actual serving size suggested (or close to it...I don't want to set myself up for failure.)
3. To eat less junk food and eat more of what is good for me.
The second goal I listed will be interesting. Honestly, have you seen what a suggested serving is? I don't know when I have ever only eaten 1/2 cup of anything! A serving of Cheese Nips is 27 tiny crackers! Lays Stax = 13 "crisps." I haven't looked but is a candy bar really one serving or will I find out it is two? I love Del Monte's Fruit Naturals red grapefruit cups. I recently realized that one of those small containers is actually "2" servings! Seriously this is why I need to do this challenge and post it on a public Blog! I could eat 27 Cheese Nips and 13 Lays Stax "crisps", but it would be both foods in one sitting! Now I sound like I belong in Overeaters Annonymous. As I just wrote that last sentence it made me realize it is true what the experts say. "Food is used at times to replace an emotion we don't want to feel." I believe that! I also believe I eat when I am bored, stressed or just think I am hungry. Wow! I need this challenge! For a while, Bob and I followed the "put the fork down between bites" theory and you know what? It totally worked! Why did we quit? Apparently we got bored! When following this theory, you are supposed to eat at a table with no distractions (such as television), chew (a lot), and eat until you are full. That is our downfall. We watch television when we eat! We have talked about starting the "fork down theory" again, but we have procrastinated. It is quite possible this could be because our dining room table is in the garage full of garage sale items. It has been there for over a month now. The garage sale is January 16th!! Had we followed this theory for at least 3 weeks, I bet it would have been a good habit by now. I am adding a 4th goal to my at the table as soon as possible and put my fork down between bites! Give me your comments about how you are able to follow the recommended serving sizes! As you can tell by reading this post, I need help!


Kimberly Giardino said...

I don't follow the recommended size.... remember I am the one who ate the whole bag of powdered doughnuts!!!!

OrangeU said...

While pregnant with my daughter, I had gestational diabetes. I had to follow a strict diet, proscribed by a dietician. As part of that, I had to read all labels and measure everything. I was astonished how tiny real serving sizes were -- and how tinier the serving sizes that were recommended by my dietician! I was hungry all the time, but stuck to it exactly... counting crackers, weighing, measuring, etc. I lost weight during my pregnancy (about 30 lbs), looked and felt great (aside from the gnawing hunger), but haven't ever gone back on the diet. The secret to success was 3 small meals and 3 tiny snacks spaced about 2-3 hrs apart. Good luck sweetie.

Angela said...

Jo... What you'll be more shocked at is how much added sugar is in everything!! And how many different ways they try to hide the sugar by calling it by many many different names!!When we went sugar and white flour free for Samantha I was floored!!!