Friday, January 15, 2010

Uphill We Go!!

Uphill we go and I mean that in a good way! This morning I had such a bad headache and stayed in bed until 10:45, all the time thinking I wanted to walk!! Once I had the 4 Ibuprofen in me and put an ice pack under my neck I got it under control. I wanted to walk the same path we went on yesterday but I decided we would start at the opposite end. This meant more incline gradually than a couple of big inclines together. Wow! I felt it! The good thing is, coming off the path was all downhill. I was actually ready though to walk the trail back to the opposite end again, which we didn't. We walked a total of 30 minutes exactly! It just happened that way. We will be walking about 1/2 mile tonight as I put up arrows showing the way to our 2 family garage sale tomorrow.
I need to concentrate on positive things. A couple of days ago we got our gas/electric bill and it was 153.00! That was 75.00 more than last month. We haven't been using our gas heater much because we have been trying to conserve our money. Well, what we didn't know is using our tower heater cost us about 50 cents an hour. Voila! That's where we messed up. I won't be using that heater much now! Bob said to stick it in the garage sale but I'm not. Today we got our water bill which was 158.00 which was 57.00 more than last month. That threw us until we realized it was for 45 days instead of 30. Still, a big shock. Then, last but not least...Bob talked to the mortgage company today and we need to make a full payment for January by February 8th, and a full February payment by February 15th. Seriously! They know we've been living on unemployment checks and Bob hasn't started the job yet so we need to d0 some serious thinking to figure this out. I'm not looking for sympathy.....I'm just trying to keep it all from bottling up inside. I told you in the beginning I was going to be honest on this Blog! Keep us in your prayers at least for a little while longer!

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Brenda said...

It sounds like that walk is wonderful! Pictures!?

About the bills, we have had some issues here too. What I don't understand is why we are penalized by being charged MORE money when you haven't paid or can't pay it in the first place.

It also seems to me like companies should be able to figure out that if we are in a "down" economy, now is NOT the time to raise prices.

Sorry, getting off my soap box now!

I had a GREAT workout today btw! Keep up YOUR great work!