Tuesday, November 9, 2010

It's Been So Long!!

I can't believe I last posted anything on here back in July!!!  My dad had surgery in September and the surgeon removed a tumor the size of a dinner plate!  The surgeon also needed to remove the muscle down to the bowels.  I know that sounds horrible, but it is what it is.  Mesh was put over that area to prevent a hernia.  The sad thing is my dad was told he cannot lift anything over 15 or 20 pounds for the rest of his life, or a hernia would happen.  If you know my dad, you know that news wasn't well received!  Even if he had nothing 15 or 20 pounds to lift, just the fact he was told he couldn't is enough to bother him.

All the cancer was removed, although a couple of the margins are small.  No more radiation is needed at this time and with CAT scans done periodically, if anything is found, it can be removed while still small.  Both the surgeon and the in home healthcare nurse have told my dad that it will take at least a year for his body to recover from this surgery.

I am posting this at this time because I have just recently been introduced to a product called Protandim through LifeVantage.  While I was in AZ helping my parents, a woman who used to live next door to my uncle called my parents and wanted them to see a dvd of a Primetime special.  As soon as the dvd started, I recognized it because I had seen an infomercial on LifeVantage just a few months ago.  I went online at that time to check it out, and that is where I found the Primetime video.  While at my parents, I was given a sample of Protandim and began taking it on Oct. 24th.  After a couple hours of taking the Protandim, my parents (sarcastically I am sure) asked if I felt any different.  No!  Within 2 days of taking one pill each day, my parents asked if I felt any different.  I told them I did and tried to explain how the inside of my body just felt balanced or in line.  I was trying to explain what I meant, but I honestly believe everyone knows their body and can tell when something is different...whether good or bad.  A few days after I started taking it, my sister, Carlene asked if she could have 5 of my pills.  I gave them to her and within a day or two she was feeling better and having positive results with things going on in her body and life.  I came back to San Diego, and Carlene was running out of her 5 day supply so she contacted the woman who gave us the dvd to watch.  Carlene didn't want to miss a day!  She has seen great results already.  She has had insomnia for so long, and this is helping her sleep better and at the same time gives her more energy.  Not the type of energy that you get with an energy drink, etc., but we just feel we have energy to do whatever we need to do each day.  No racing heartbeat or shakiness.  Protandim is completely natural.  I never thought I would actually sell it, but yesterday I decided this product was too good not be involved with it.

I listened in on a conference call today, and this is one more reason why I am posting today.  A woman talked for a couple minutes about her experience, and I need to get my dad started on Protandim!  This is Melissa's story:
She was diagnosed this past year with Phase 1 Stage 3 breast cancer. She had two surgeries which didn't help and she ended up having a double masectomy. She was told by the doctors and people who have had double masectomies that she would not have energy or be "normal" for a year.  (Wait...isn't that what my dad was told???)  On July 28th of this year, she went in for a follow up appointment and was told there was a 23% recurrance. Her brother in law told her about Protandim and she started taking the pill each day. Within 3 weeks she was functioning normally, she could drive by herself, go to the grocery store to shop and after a few days could go to multiple stores to shop without getting tired. She said as of today she "cleaned her house, mowed her yard and planted a garden." Three weeks ago (just over 3 months from starting Protandim) the radiology pathologist did her bloodwork and she is considered cured and cancer free.

As a side note:

Recently, findings from independent studies were sent out to Oncologists stating that...

"taking Protandim during chemo or radiation, Protandim will enhance the procedure and protect healthy cells around the cancerous cells."

As I stated in the beginning of this post, my dad was told it would take a year to "get back to normal."  After listening to what Melissa has accomplished, my dad really should be taking Protandim.  He has blood work scheduled in Dec. and one in Jan. I want his January Oncologist appointment to be nothing but great news!  I truly believe in what all the independent studies have shown.  How amazing for someone with Parkinsons Disease or something like ADD to be able to overcome or even reduce the affects of it.  How amazing would it be that when my Dad has his next appointment with the Oncologist or Radiologist, he is told he is cured and cancer free!  Watch the Primetime video and draw your own conclusions.  I have been sold!


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