Friday, June 3, 2011

Day 3: What Did I Eat!?!

Today's goal was to write down everything I ate, drank or here it is:
Approximately 32oz of water, 12oz 2% milk, chocolate muffin (yum), 1 can gingerale, 1/2 egg salad sandwich with 8-10 Lays Stax chips (they were broken but I know there was no more than 10 whole chips if I could have put them back together, 1 frozen chicken monterey burro with melted cheese and shredded lettuce.  As far as sweets go, I had one popsicle, 1 piece sugar free gum, 5 cinnamon discs (these are my downfall.  I am so glad they are small!)
I walked to the park, I walked/jogged to the park, I walked to the mailbox.  I have had tons of energy today and at 7:20pm I can still feel the energy!  To meet my pounds lost goal we figured I would need to lose approximately .2 to .3 pounds per day.  Since I wrote down one of the nutritional goals as no eating after 7pm I am done for the night.  Do I hear a "You go girl!" ??

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