Thursday, June 2, 2011


Today my task is to write down 3 nutritional goals for myself.

1-  Do not eat anything after 7pm
2-  Drink less Diet Coke
3-  Eat more fruits and vegetables

This may sound really easy to some of you, but it will be a challenge for me.  The easiest of these three will   probably  be  eating more  fruits  and  vegetables...especially with  the  summer  months  coming, watermelon and cantaloupe will be great prices! On Monday of next week we will be attending a dinner party that doesn't get started until  6pm so my guess is dinner will probably be closer to 7:00....I already give myself permission to eat after 7:00 on that night.  And to drink less Diet Coke....hmmmmmm...I need to really work on that.  Sometimes it just tastes so good!

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