Monday, June 20, 2011

I Am Not Quite On Track!

According to the scale!!!!....I am on track to lose only 13 pounds in my 10 week challenge.  13 pounds would be great, but my goal was to lose 15 pounds.  Apparently I need to step up my game!  I have been more lax about this challenge and I know it is because I have no one else working on it with me.'s all about my lack of will power.  However, I must say I have done very well with the goal of not eating ANYTHING after 7pm.  Even if I am hungry after that time, instead of eating a couple cookies, or bowl of cereal like I used to, I drink more water!  I also need to step up the cardio.  I have been so busy in the house the past week reorganizing, etc, that even though I keep busy, I haven't been walking as much as I should be.  Writing this down helps me realize that if  I make just a couple of easy changes to what I am doing, I may just hit the 15 pound goal!!!

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Hatch Family of Five said...

I need to be doing this challenge with you. And just might begin tomorrow but not with Week 1. Start with Week 2 and 3 at once.