Saturday, April 17, 2010

Early To Bed!!

This morning we went to Ethan's Little League game and he did very well.  He certainly knows how to stop a ball from getting past him!  In the first inning, when his team was in the outfield I was pretty much thinking it was going to be a LONG game because of how many balls were getting past the infield and outfield.  Then when Ethan's team was batting I realized it worked both ways.  I was relieved to find out they only go through the lineup once then switch sides.  In the second and third inning, Ethan's team did amazing and got the other team's players out quite frequently.  All in all, it was a good game and fun to watch. After the game I went to visit my parents and we had lunch at El Charro before a trip to WalMart.  I have had a headache all evening and I am thinking it is due to the heat today.  So....I am heading to bed at 9:07pm!!!!

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