Sunday, April 18, 2010

Thank you Bob!!

First I will say Happy Birthday to my son, Kevin!!!  Happy 31st!!

For this blog I wanted to post and say how great Bob has been.  In June of last year I came to Arizona for 2 weeks to help my mom with my dad after his surgery.  In January of this year I went to CO for 3 1/2 weeks to help Kimberly when she had Colton.  I came back to AZ a week ago to help Kelli after she had surgery.  It seems I have been gone a lot to help out with family and Bob has been a huge support.  He has never questioned why I needed to go and has always believed family is most important.  He has been so patient each time.  I know he misses me when I am gone and I miss him so much, but we get through and know I'll be home again soon.  For now there are not any forseen reasons for me to leave in the near future.  Bob and I both are planning on being in AZ  the weekend of May 9th because Kimberly is flying in to see family and bless Colton.  She wants to bless him here so family members can be a part of it.  Bob and I will also be planning on coming back in July/August when Matilyn gets baptized.  I know!!!  It will be so hot at that time of year but Matilyn is totally worth it!!!

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