Friday, April 23, 2010

Homeward Bound!

Going home tomorrow. :o)  Kelli had a doctor's appt today and was reprimanded.  She cannot lift over 20 pounds for the next 4 weeks....which is sad because Londyn weighs closer to 30 and her mommy can't lift her.  Good thing Londyn can climb up and snuggle with her though!!
Kimberly is feeling a little better but still taking some pain meds.  Seriously....please get well soon.  It makes me sad you and Kelli aren't feeling that great!
It was hard to say goodbye to Kelli and the kids.  I did pretty good until Londyn cried and wanted me to get back in the car and leave with them.  We'll be back for a short visit in 2 weeks!!  But, for now I am ready to go home and see Bob and Sadie.  It's so fun getting back in the routine of things.....well, most things anyway. :o)

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