Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Happiness Is.......

A few days ago I posted about  things I feel I am so blessed with.  Today I am posting about things that make me so happy....and not necessarily in order:

Bob!  He makes me smile and laugh....alot!  He would do anything for me or for our family members.   He is completely supportive in whatever I do.  I am here with Kelli for 2 weeks after just recently returning home from Colorado for more than 3 weeks to help Kimberly.  Yes, Bob is the greatest husband and best friend for me!  And Sadie!  She is a great little dog and we love her!

My family!  My parents who would do anything for me, my children who would do the same, siblings who would do the same, and a huge amount of extended family members who are willing and supportive!  Our grandchildren!!  We absolutely love each and every one of them!  We have truly been blessed with wonderful grandchildren!

Employment!  I am so happy Bob has a job he loves so much.  I am thrilled that Kevin has been successful with his Landscape company and that recently he not only got the bid for the Gila Valley Temple landscaping, but has completed it and has done an amazing job.  I am also happy that Corina is able to be at home with their children.  I am so happy that Kelli has found work from home so she can be home with Londyn and also be at home when Matilyn & Ethan leave for school and return home.  I am happy Cory has a good job but I feel bad he has to drive so far each day.  I am happy that Kimberly is able to be a dental hygienist/assistant in a pediatric dental office.  It is nice she isn't working every day and that some days she gets to take Colton to work with her.  I am glad Josh has a good job with Fed Ex and enjoys it.  Also, that Josh is almost through with his online schooling.

I am so happy to be a member of the LDS church.  I am so happy with the gospel in my life, to have a priesthood holder in our home and so amazed at how powerful prayer can be!  I am in awe many times at how prayer can make things so much better.

I am so happy with our home.  We love our home!  We have plenty of room for visitors so call if you are coming to the San Diego area!  We love living in Southern California.  Earthquakes and all!  The beach makes me SO happy!  It is so peaceful watching and listening to the waves and can relieve any kind of stress almost instantly.

I am truly happy for the friends I have!!  They are amazing!  I love meeting new people and making new friends.  Even friends I had in highschool or friends from when my children were young.  I classify them as such good friends because I know they will be there for me if I needed them and I would do the same for each one of them.

I know there are so many other things that make me happy....good shows, a good movie, rain, shopping, the day after Thanksgiving outing with "the girls"!, Christmas, birthdays, and the list can go on and on.  I have so much to be thankful for and so many things that make me happy,  I just needed to write it down!

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