Saturday, April 10, 2010

So Thankful!

One of my goals of the 10 in 10 challenge was to be honest with myself.  And, in that honesty I post things that help me put it out there because I feel like I need to write it down.  With that said, I'll post this.  Last night after saying my prayers, I was lying in bed and out of nowhere, tears were filling my eyes.  Not knowing why I was crying, my mind pretty much instantly had the thought of how much I have been blessed lately.  I thought of Colton being born and how perfect and healthy he was and is.  I thought of Kimberly being so wonderful and positive during the pregnancy and while going through labor and accepting everything the nurses and doctor were telling her regarding the urgency for the c-section.  I thought of Kelli and her surgery and so thankful it went well.  Although we are still waiting for the pathology report, she is doing well and there were no complications.  I thought of Bob finding work after 10 1/2 months and how blessed we are to have income again and that he enjoys his job so much.  I also thought about how much love and support our family gives to us, especially over the last few months.  I am truly blessed and so very thankful for everything I have!
Now for today.....I took Matilyn, Ethan and Londyn for a walk.  They ran and played at the retention area that was so green with grass and plenty of shade all around the outskirts from the trees.  It was very fun.  On our walk home, we played "I Spy".  The kids and I decided it would be fun to go to Sonic to get slushes and give their mom more quiet time.  We got to Sonic and decided to sit at the tables and get some food to go with their slushes.  Twenty or thirty minutes went by and it was time to leave.  We loaded ourselves into the Escape and got Londyn buckled in her carseat.  Everyone was buckled up and ready to go and the Escape had other plans.  Yep!  It didn't want to do anything but click it's battery!  Dead battery!  Totally Dead!  I called Cory and he came to help us out.  In the meantime, I took Kelli's slush I had just bought for her and the bag of ice and asked the carhop to please keep it in the freezer until I could leave.  I'll just say it didn't matter how long Cory would have left those jumper cables on the battery, it wasn't going to budge.  He and Ethan are now out getting a battery (we're hoping it is only the battery).  Once it is operable, Cory and I will go back to Sonic and I'll drive the Escape home.  I am so very thankful this happened today while Cory is home to help and not when I would be leaving to take the kids to school or pick them up.  See.....just so much to be thankful for!!!

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