Monday, March 8, 2010

Back To Basics....My Nutritional Goals

In the first week of our challenge we needed to choose 3 nutritional goals for ourselves. The following are the goals I wanted to work on. Today's challenge is to re-visit those goals and see how each of us are doing on our own individual goals. The following are the 3 I chose to work on to help me reach the overall goals I set for myself in this 10 week challenge:

1. Start reading the nutritional value on labels (without going overboard.)
2. Try to eat only the actual serving size suggested (or close to it...I don't want to set myself up for failure.)
3. To eat less junk food and eat more of what is good for me.

I am happy to report I have done quite well with the nutritional goals I set. I do not read the labels on everything but I do when it is a food I have not bought before and do not use very often. I will admit that sometimes it can help me decide if I want to buy it and sometimes if the food just looks good, I will buy it. :o) I have reduced the size of my portions in pretty much everything I eat. Honestly I have learned that when I fix a sandwich, 1/2 sandwich is enough by time I drink something with it and eat my serving or even less than one serving of the Lay's Stax.
The biggest plus is I definitely eat less junk food. I have found that I just do not want it like I used to. The cravings are no longer there. If I am hungry for something specific, I will eat it; but it will be much less than I used to eat. The other night I did want something sweet and I broke off 3 squares of dark chocolate and it was plenty. And I am pretty sure dark chocolate is good for you!
It is quite sad we only have 5 more days of this challenge to go!

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