Sunday, March 7, 2010

On To Week 10....Our Final Week Of The Challenge

I went back to the first blog post I wrote. It was interesting to read what I had written and how focused, excited and positive I was about this challenge. I am happy to say I have remained focused, excited and positive throughout the past 9 weeks and I know I will not let up before this challenge is over. It has become a quest for me because it is something I have wanted to accomplish for so long! I have become so much better because of this challenge and have met and exceeded the goals I have set. Thanks Kelli for a great 9 weeks and thank you in advance for this last week of the challenge!
Something I did not expect to change is how I write. Journaling (or blogging in this case) has helped me in what words I choose to write and also how I read other's words. Once I post on my blog, I always go back and re-read it. It is amazing that I have gotten to the point when I see that I have written a contraction, I usually change it to the two words it should be. It sounds so much better to me. I know that is a small thing,(possibly crazy to others), but it truly was eye opening for me! I still talk using contractions and write using some, but during these past few weeks I have found the word "I've" does not sound near as good as "I have" or "it's" does not sound as good as "it is." Just now, when I re-read that sentence, I had to change "doesn't" to "does not." I did not expect to learn an English lesson in this challenge!!

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