Saturday, March 13, 2010

Last Day Of Our 10 Week Challenge....How Will I Reward Myself??

Today is the very last day of our 10 week challenge.  This is very sad to me for some reason.  Although I know I can continue to do these things on my own, it just is not  the same.  The topic for today's journaling challenge is to write down how we will reward ourself if we accomplish our goals.  I have copied and pasted what I wrote on my blog back on January 9th:
"I want to get a new outfit consisting of a pair of jeans (or really cute Capri pants) and a cute top to go with it. (Of course I would only do this if we have a regular paycheck again.) Totally awesome reward!"
It is funny that at the beginning of the challenge this reward sounded so good.  Now I think it is not a big deal.  I was talking to a friend of mine today and we were discussing different aspects of this challenge and what we have learned from it.  There are things that I have learned that I would never have thought I would learn or even think about.  Rewarding myself doesn't even matter to me.  Would I like a new outfit?  Sure!  But I do not want it because I have accomplished my goals.  I have totally been rewarded in so many ways over the past 10 weeks.  The way I look at myself...the way I look at others and how I think of others has changed so much.  This has been such an eye opening experience and I cannot explain it.  What I thought would just be a physical challenge for me, has turned out to be not only physical, but mental, spiritual and emotional too.  I have grown in so many ways.  I think it was in my original post that I said I hoped I could affect just one person through my blog.  I have done that and it means so much to me!  I went into this challenge with a purpose! I also stayed focused and had determination.  I stayed true to myself, which was another goal of mine.  It honestly is sad and emotional for me to write this last journal entry involving our weekly challenges.  I know tomorrow I will blog about my total weight loss and inches I have lost and I am very proud of myself for that;  but I cannot express how deep this challenge has affected me. It is all positive and I am so very glad and thankful that I accepted the challenge.  It truly has been a life changing experience for me!

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Kimberly Giardino said...

I think it is awesome all that you have accomplished!! I think it is great that you stuck it out the 10 weeks and want to continue doing it!!! YEAH!!! What a great inspiration for Kelli to suggest this challenge and head it up!!! Love you both!!!