Thursday, March 18, 2010

March Madness Is Here!

I March Madness!  A few years ago I filled out a couple of the college basketball brackets to see how well I could do in the tournament.  Bob and I both signed up at 3.00 a shot along with approximately 300 others.  I did so much better than Bob and alot of the other guys.  When updates were posted in the early stages, there were positive comments made that "a girl was showing up the guys." (Seriously, it made me proud!)  I had picked a lot of the teams because I liked the sound of the school; such as Villanova, Gonzaga and Xavier.  Some teams I picked because I had been in that town or state before.  I know!  Crazy reasons for picking a winner!  I knew nothing about how the teams had played throughout the regular season.  Of course as it got farther into the tournament, my luck started running out and I did not win anything or even come close!  But....I had a lot of fun and really got into the games!  (That's what counts, right?)  This year we got in on the free entry on Fox Sports (sponsored by Hooters).  I decided not to go with the "sound" of the name but rather with my gut feeling.  You can call me crazy now but I chose W. Virginia and Ohio St. to go to the final.  I chose Ohio State to take the championship.  I kept thinking I wanted to go with Texas A&M beating W. Virginia so Texas A&M would play against Ohio State, but I just couldn't bring myself to put that on paper. March Madness!  Cheer on Ohio State....maybe my luck will be back with me this year!!

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Brenda said...

I pick my teams for the same reason you use to, like the sound of the name, been there before... BUT...being from Ohio...I always want OSU to win, so love that you have picked Ohio State this year to GO ALL THE WAY! LET'S GO BUCKS!