Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A New Job!

Things are going well. Bob printed out all 19 forms we needed to fill out and send back to his new employer. That sounds so good doesn't it???? New employer!!! We're thrilled to know Bob has a job again. It will be nice to (every once in a while) go out to eat somewhere besides a fast food place. We have made sure we have no debt except for the house and my car and we are truly blessed by that. I can only imagine how things could have been over the last few months had we been deeply in debt. This experience has certainly taught us a few things and we will do all we can to build up that savings account. We were also very blessed to receive a tax refund that of course went straight to the mortgage but we are glad we had the money to pay it. We know everything happens for a reason. Do we know why we were given this trial? Nope! But we do know we will keep focused and remain positive and support each other 100%.

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