Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What I have Learned From The 10 Week Challenge

Seriously, thinking about what I have learned over the last 9 1/2 weeks  makes me somewhat emotional.  That may sound crazy to some, but this has truly been life changing for me.  I have realized if I have the willpower and determination, I can acheive anything I want.  I know I would only want to acheive things that mean the most to me.  Kelli mentioned in her post that something she has learned is "money doesn't buy or guarantee a better quality of life."  I know she already knew that.  I already knew that.  But it is funny how this challenge "re-opened" my eyes to that way of thinking again.  What I have been given in my life, what I have earned in my life and what I will get in the future depends on who I am.  My 3 goals (as a recap) in the beginning of this challenge were:
1.  Be honest with myself
2.  Lose at least 10 pounds in this 10 week challenge
3.  Feel good about myself
I have kept these 3 goals taped under my mirror in the bathroom over the past 9 1/2 weeks.  I planned on keeping the list there until the challenge was over.  But, I see it everyday and it helps keep me focused on what I want out of life so it will stay there.  I never thought this challenge would go so deep but it has become so much more than losing weight and exercising.  It has taught me how important life itself is.  That may also have to do with losing both my aunt and uncle in the same month, but I know how important I am and how important the people I love are.  In wanting to be honest with myself and feeling good about myself, I have learned how to look at others differently.  We all have our own stories and why we do what we do.  I accept that.  Life is too short to worry about insignificant things.  Our true happiness, I believe, comes from within us.  I can make my life any way I choose to make it.  I choose happiness!

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Kelli said...

Your post is very good. To go along with what you wrote in your last few lines, here is a quote I read recently...

Every thought you think creates your future.

You've done amazing! Are you so excited to know we still have the brown suede bag you like?