Tuesday, February 16, 2010

10 Should Be My New Lucky Number!!

This evening while doing crunches, Kimberly's cat Rory decided to enjoy my presence on the floor. Each time I would stop for a few seconds between sets, Rory would plop down next to my head or by my armpit for some extra attention. You had to be here but it was quite comical. I was also doing leg lifts and as I did my last 10 I decided I would include the cat, so I helped Rory do 10 lifts......I know....it was getting late!!! The main thing I have to post today though, is for those who read a while back that I brought a smaller size pair of jeans with me to CO in hopes of wearing them..............I wore them today! They fit and felt great!!!


Brenda said...

WAY TO GO! Those smaller jeans always feel sooooo good when they go on easily!

Kelli said...