Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Seriously??? Asparagus?

I am certainly enjoying spending time with Kimberly, Josh and Colton. Josh is an amazing cook and has fixed some great dishes. I tried asparagus for the first time last night after years of saying I didn't like it .... (I have never even tried it!) It's amazing that it tasted so much like fresh corn on the cob to me! However, I have to say I miss Bob and being able to take our daily walks. I know he is taking Sadie for a walk just about every day so I know Bob is getting his exercise!! Since I started this challenge, Bob has been walking with me each day except for maybe once or twice and I love that!
Hopefully tomorrow Bob will hear word on a job....I think we have waited long enough. I know it would be easier for him being home alone these few weeks if he actually had a paying job to keep him occupied. I've asked before and will ask again....please keep us in your prayers.

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