Sunday, February 21, 2010

Biggest Loser Workout...Not For Me

So last night I did a 12 minute Biggest Loser workout at Kimberly's neighbor's house using Wii with Bob (from the Biggest Loser) being the "trainer." We then did a 2 minute cool down, then on to an 18 minute workout and another 2 minute cool down. Let's just say by the first cool down, my heart was pumping and my thighs burned! The 12 minute was whole body and the 18 minute workout was lower body only. Why is it that the cool down exercises hurt just as much as the regular exercises??? Yeah...not so much a fan of that type of exercise. Apparently the exercises I did last night found some muscles that haven't been used enough. Also, because my knee is more painful when weight is put on it, lunges are hard to do...(ok....impossible!) My knee flat out won't allow it. I do much better choosing my own exercises and walking and that seems to be working for me. Since Week 8 is adding weights, I used 2 cans of beans tonight and worked on my arms and upper back. I found a full screen online stopwatch and used that while I exercised so I could watch the seconds and minutes. Pretty cool!! I am hurting today and it's amazing how holding one pound in each hand can make the arms hurt faster!!! (Thanks Kelli for this "let's use weights) idea. I don't think I'm going to like it but I love you!

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Brenda said...

I think my issue with a lot of that type workout is that they are too fast. I need to work at my own pace. I too mostly enjoy doing my own thing. I say, do what works for you, and you have proof, smaller jeans, that walking and the other exercise you are doing is working! So, stick with what works! Keep up the GREAT work!