Thursday, February 4, 2010

Coyotes vs Humans

So, I was out (being good) wanting to get in a good walk on a trail behind Kimberly's house, when after about 20 minutes I noticed some visitors. I don't care if people say coyotes don't attack humans! When I am walking on a trail here in CO for the first time by myself and I see a coyote walking in the area I had just come from, it's not so funny. I was talking to Kelli on the phone at the time I saw it, watching it closely, when I saw another coyote walking 50 feet or less by me. Again...not funny. I say if a coyote is hungry enough, it will attack anything. It didn't help that 4 little poodles were barking from a backyard probably causing the coyotes to get a little more anxious!!!! I just know they were licking their lips!! (To anyone out there who thinks this little scenario is funny, I don't think you would be laughing in the same situation.) :o)
I am thinking I may just walk around the park now even though I'll have to walk a little ways on the trail to get there. I did pick up a 3 foot PVC pipe (marked by a utility company but I don't care)....I kept the pipe with me and will carry it with me each time I walk alone. Kimberly has a couple of neighbors I have met who both say they will walk with me when they can. I've even been told I can walk their dog but I don't think I want to be responsible for that message to the owner if their dog and a coyote decided to "play."
(Afternoon insert): I just had to come back to my blog and post how happy I am with myself. I posted a while back how I had a sudden burst of energy and went walking twice in the same day. Well, I was cleaning a little while ago and got that little burst again. I did 30 leg lifts on each side, and 10 reps of 10 sit ups! SIT UPS!!!! I haven't done those forever and I know a month ago I could have maybe pushed myself to do 10, but today I did 100!!!!!!!


Brenda said...

Coyotes are no laughing matter for sure.

Look at you go! You are doing so great!

Ang said...

You rock!!! You're an inspiration to me!! I'm so proud of you!!!