Friday, February 5, 2010

Energy & Persistance Conquer All Things

My title is a quote from Benjamin Franklin and I say he sure was a smart man!! I thought this quote, among so many other things I have read, go hand in hand with this challenge. It is amazing how little things will motivate me now. I know my way of thinking about certain things has changed and it is only because I have been working at it. I am happy to say that since I wrote down one of my goals as being honest with myself, I have not looked back. I didn't realize that "cheating" myself or making excuses about things for myself would have such an impact on me and my life. I look at who I am now and how I feel, and I know it is because I have "manned up" to myself! I enjoy being with "me." I find that being around other people is even more enjoyable and interesting than before. I am accomplishing what I have set out to do and in these past 4 1/2 weeks I can really feel a difference. It is so true what is said about anything becoming a habit, good or bad, after just 21 days. This is no longer a mere habit, but truly a life changing event for me. Beginning January 3rd to February 5th, I have lost 14 inches overall. I realized this morning my calves (not the 4 legged kind) have gotten quite a bit smaller. I should have been measuring those!! Happier and healthier does feel good!!

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Brenda said...

WooHoo! I was realizing while I was on the treadmill this morning, that my body is starting to crave the cardio again! Yeah me!

14 inches is nothing to sneeze at for sure! GREAT job!