Monday, February 1, 2010

Last Minute Necessitites

In approximately 26 hours from now Kimberly will be checking in to the hospital. The last couple of days have been spent running errands and getting the last of what will be needed for the hospital and once the little man comes home. I have to be honest here and say while at WalMart, we did pick up a few snacks to have at the hospital....but I think I did pretty good considering what was available. I bought iced oatmeal cookies and Cheese Nips. Kimberly bought 'Nilla Wafers (and snacks for Josh while we're not here.) I think though, Kimberly and I will be sharing our snacks. I plan to do alot of walking at the hospital over the next couple of days.
I will keep this blog updated with the newest information!!

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Brenda said...

Yes, please keep us posted!