Saturday, February 20, 2010

I Workout, Wii Workout

I was going to borrow Kimberly's ski jacket so I could walk in the freezing temperature (did I mention this earlier as a reason I don't miss CO?), but I don't have to!! Tonight we are going to a neighbor's house and I get to do the Wii Biggest Loser workout!! That should be a good cardio booster! Kimberly gave me a pair of Lucky jeans when we were cleaning out her closet and I am wearing them today. So fun to come here and get some clothes from Kimberly!! I am leaving Tuesday and I know it will be tough to leave Colton, but our plans are to come back in May so Bob can go white water rafting!! (I said I'll stay with Colton....Kimberly and Josh can go with Bob.)

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