Saturday, February 6, 2010

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig....

Well, I'm not home but we are back at Kimberly and Josh's home with the new baby!.....a very cute little boy I might add! Pictures on my Facebook! Kimberly and Colton are both doing well. It's amazing how quickly a baby's facial features change. Each day he looks a little different. He is definitely the son of these two! During labor, Colton's heart rate started dropping quite rapidly and it was quickly decided by the attending nurse and doctor that an emergency c-section was in order. I was amazed that from the time it was decided to do a c-section to the time I was holding Colton in the waiting room, was approximately 25 minutes. We're very thankful it all turned out so well. He is a very calm and happy little bundle.
I have been able to walk each day that I have been here and hopefully I will be able to continue the daily walks although the snow is supposed to be here tomorrow evening. I talked with Bob earlier this afternoon and he said it has been raining there since 5:30pm yesterday.
I am anxious to see what Week 6 of this 10 week challenge brings our way!

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