Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My First Disappointment!!!......Yet Good News Today ☺!

This morning I was upstairs getting ready so we could go to Kimberly's 2 week appointment. I was partially ready when I took over to help Colton eat, etc while Kimberly took a shower and got ready. By time I went downstairs, it was almost time to leave and I didn't have time to eat a "healthy breakfast." Knowing this challenge is based on honesty (and my priority goal for myself is to be honest with myself), I had 1/2 Granny Smith apple and a couple of bites of trail mix consisting of cashews, raisins, white chocolate chips and cranberries. I won't get the 1 point because of it. I know to so many people it is such a petty thing, but I was determined to do this challenge to the best of my ability and I let myself down....even by something that small. The only satisfaction I have though is that I was with Colton longer this morning!! Don't get me wrong....that in itself is a HUGE satisfaction!
On a HAPPY note () ....Bob got a phone call stating that it is a "done deal" for him to be hired by the company he had a conference call with on Monday. Apparently they are putting together an offer letter/package and we're waiting on that. Hopefully he will be able to start working as early as Monday! This is a HUGE blessing in our lives and I am so thankful for this opportunity of employment and income once again! Next week will mark the 10 month "anniversary" of when he was laid off. I have to say though, that although this has been stressful and most likely may still be that way for a while, Bob and I have continued to get along so well and be a strength and support for each other. I him so much!

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