Friday, February 12, 2010

"Waist" Not.....Want Not.

We're supposed to get snow again tomorrow and once again on Thursday of next week. Spending these past couple of weeks in CO reminds me of what I liked and didn't like about living in CO the 5 years we were here. I love seeing the mountains, especially when they are covered in snow. I don't like driving in the snow and I don't like knowing Kimberly and Josh drive in it when they have to. But, with four "real" seasons, I guess there are some things you put up with.
I did my crunches first thing this morning, not wanting to do them just before bed again. The last time I measured I had lost 2 1\2" in my waist and I know the crunches have something to do with that. I am enjoying all the aspects of this challenge and though some days are "more of a challenge" than others, I know the dedication is paying off.

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