Sunday, February 7, 2010

What's With This Snow Getting Here Early??

I was planning on walking before "this evening's snow" came, but Kimberly pulled open the curtains and voila!!!! Snow on the ground and snow still falling! I asked Josh's 7 year old daughter, Hailey if she has snow boots with her this weekend. She said yes so I asked her if she wanted to walk with me if we could both dress warm enough. An enthusiastic nodding of the head came back to me so I think we may attempt it!
Colton slept great last night and Kimberly got some well needed sleep also. Josh has been so good with helping with everything. He certainly is a happy new daddy! I'm so glad everything is going well. Colton has a newborn appointment tomorrow and hopefully all will be well!
To those getting rain, enjoy it! To those getting snow, do your best to enjoy it. I know the ski resorts need this!
(Afternoon update)...Hailey and I walked for 20 minutes. Kimberly's snow boots were a little tight on me and Hailey said her boots were hurting her. (I didn't realize until later that Hailey had on 2 pair of socks because earlier this morning her feet were cold.) Anyway....after getting home and taking off the boots as fast as I could, I realized the blood spots on my socks. Yep! There was a huge blister on each heel with the skin laying back. Sorry.... a little descriptive, but OUCH! I had almost worn my tennis shoes but Josh said I would have less chance of slipping if I wore the boots. No more boots for me!

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Kelli said...

Dear Mom,

I understand this is your blog, allowing you to write whatever you want to write about. However, talking about disgusting bleeding blisters is as bad as seeing or coming in contact with other people's feet. It's just wrong!

Love you!